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About Us

Follow the Consumer is a delivery first consultancy, that brings together great minds and ideas to drive transformation and sustainable growth, in the areas of eCommerce, digital and Consumer Experience. Our aim is simple: to give our clients access to the best curated global talent, to deliver meaningful and consumer first digital projects, from scoping all the way through to delivery.

We operate a two-pronged approach:

Generating business that fits with their specific expertise and availability. Expanding their reach and portfolio of customers.

For Consultants

Putting clients in front of the Best Talent available to answer their key questions, and help them transform their business model.

For Clients
Meaningful and consumer centric projects
A world of experience

A word on our founders

Lucy Freeland, Founder and CEO

Millennial, genuine, passionate, dynamic..

And always ready to push the boundaries and disrupt!


Lucy is a world citizen, having lived in 6 countries, and worked in global, regional and local positions across the globe. After a decade of working in multinational FMCG businesses, Lucy took the plunge and founded “Follow the Consumer.” Although her career has been punctuated with roles in IT, shopper and category management, it’s clear that eCommerce, digital and CX have always been the main leitmotiv. Lucy lives by the mantra that eCommerce is a complete business model: It requires expertise in operations, marketing, sales, and finance and is anchored in amazing customer experiences. Lucy drives for results and has used her experience to agility to deliver outstanding growth and business model transformation. 


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Our Values
Our values make us unique
When we say global, we mean global

We're lucky enough to have worked in China, Singapore, The Netherlands, France, Turkey and the UK, and have a strong global experience. ECommerce is by essence borderless, so we can’t think scale if we build a product & strategy for one local market.

Always Walk the Talk

Always Walk the Talk: We’ve worked with consultants on many projects in the past, with great results. However, a recurring pain point was sometimes the lack of tangibility and follow through in the recommendations. We believe that if we develop a strategy, we need to personally see it through with a company.

If it’s your problem, it’s our problem

We build our whole business model around solving problems, and helping you achieve your deliverables. We don't just give you a plan and guidance, and send you on your way. We will be there to support and troubleshoot, post delivering our recommendations.

Don’t make proxies and assumptions, follow the data

Everything should be based on data and clear measurement, rather than assumptions and hearsay. Gut feelings are fine, but let's then test small and get the data to support or challenge.

The Top 1% for you

Our product is only as good as our talent, so we work with top 1% within their fields. We work with people who are currently in businesses, or just left businesses, and have tangible and credible experience within their field, coupled with strong process, strategic vision and analytical skills.


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Anh-Mai Vu, Founder and CCO

Analytical, visionary and solution-oriented with a 4 years experience at Amazon


Anh-Mai’s experience is divided between working for best-in-class manufacturers in software, beauty and FMCG companies, and Amazon, where she became an expert in online retail and operations. Her past roles in Product Management, Category Management, CX, Selection, Pricing and Vendor Management all build up her customer centric and results driven approach. Her experience manufacturer and eRetail side gave her a 360° understanding of eCommerce.

Anf Mai.png
What we offer
OUR 5 areas of expertise

What we offer

Building Vision
and Strategy

We start with the customer problem, and build for you a transformational or disruptive strategy to future proof your business and raise the bar within your industry.

eCommerce: Indirect and Direct to Consumer

We have expertise with key online customers such as Amazon, Alibaba, Flipkart &, as well as experience in setting up cutting edge Direct to Consumer infrastructures and strategies.

Customer Value journeys and CX

We build multi-touchpoint programmes that follow the customer across their entire journey and conversion funnel. The purpose is to continuously drive value for the customer, and value for the business.

Performance Data and KPI measuring

All programmes need to be set up with key KPIs, and tools in place to measure results. We are a data led team, believing that decisions should stem from data. Thus, we establish solutions to allow monitoring, measurement and course correction.

China and SEA Expertise

We have strong experience in the China and SEA regions, in particular when it comes to leveraging partner platforms and DTC infrastructures, to launch international brands. We enable brands to drive a strong presence, and navigate the complexity of the landscape, ecosystems, and players.

Bunny_China&SEA Expert.png

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How we work

How We Work



Ensure you launch a fantastic and successful solution

Listen, Learn and Audit

Scope & Design

Ensure you have a clear strategy

and winning Business Model

Listen, Learn and Audit



Ensure you keep the expertise and know-how in house

Build Strategy and

Priorities + KPI's 


Project Manage/ Oversee Implementation (optl.)


Equip and Empower

the Team


Aftercare Support until delivery and results


Deliver Actionable



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Contact Us

109b Richmond Road, Kingston upon Thames, KT2 5BX, UK

|  Tel: +44 7432 530 300

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SCI-MX Nutrition has been working with Lucy Freeland @Follow The Consumer since August 2018.  I cannot endorse high enough the engagement from Lucy and the team.  Specifically, on understanding the needs of our business and consumer with an extremely comprehensive initial audit.  This has directly shaped our business strategy, team structure and most importantly Lucy has focused on building the core capability of our team to ensure a sustainable delivery against our growth strategy and in turn KPIs.  The accumulation of this work has led to immediate and continuing significant double-digit volume and value growth.

Steve Rich

Commercial & Marketing Director

SCI-MX Nutrition

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